A Modern Ismaili Celebration

We love it when brides find a way to infuse their cultural traditions into their wedding day style, like Narmin did by combining Mehndi with her sparkling Elsa Corsi jewels!  

Vancouver Ismaili Wedding

If you are not familiar with the practice of Mehndi art, it is henna that is applied in elaborate designs a few days before the wedding to the hands and legs of the bride. This ceremony is believed to symbolize happiness, love and prosperity & strength in marriage. 

Bridal Mehndi Vancouver

The Mehndi remains on the hands and legs of the bride to develop the color of the henna. It is believed that "the darker the Mehndi, the deeper the love".

Vancouver Ismaili Wedding

For Narmins first look, she wore our Nicole Earring! The marquise crystal shapes used in both the bracelet and earring are the perfect compliment to each other!

And then for the evening, she did the ol' switch-a-roo into our Margo Earring and a stunning Jenny Packham style gown. Very Old Hollywood meets Bollywood meets Gatsby, we love it!


Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Photographed by Lucida Photography with additional images blogged by Narmin and Aslam's wedding planner, Alicia Keats, here: http://www.aliciakeats.com/an-ismaili-wedding-narmin-aslam/