What's in a Name? Our Custom Design Process

One of our favorite parts of designing jewellery is making a custom pieces! In fact, some of our best designs are inspired by your requests and often make it into our collection forever celebrated by name of who who inspired them! How cool is that?


Because each piece is made in our very own studio, we have total control over your design from start to finish meaning that some of the many ways we are able to customize are:

  • Length: We always guarantee a perfect fit to your bracelets and necklaces ordered from us as we measure your wrist at time of order and make it that size. No need to settle for gaps, hanging chains or other visual intrusions to a good design!
  • Post or Clip: The posts we use are surgical steel and we have had excellent results with them in the 16+ years we have been creating jewelry. That said, some people are extra sensitive and for them we can offer the option of 14K posts or clip ons.
  • Colors: We have access to all the colors in the Swarovski Crystal rainbow and would be delighted incorporate your favorite colors in our designs.
  • Incorporating Heirloom Jewelry: Sometimes we are brought a brides sentimental pearls to transform into a new piece or a most recently a vintage necklace that was reworked into a bracelet.

Here are some examples of actual brides that inspired and had some of our most popular designs made for them!

The Jennifer Earring, isn't it gorgeous! (You can also shop this style in our Online Shop)

Elsa Corsi Jennifer Earring

The Tania Earring, also known as our most published earring...and for good reason, it is stunning!

Elsa Corsi Tania Earring

Ready to start on the (insert your name here) style? Please visit us in shop at Jeweliette Jewellery or one of our designer attended Trunk Shows!

Typically, our orders can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks, so we encourage you to think of your wedding jewels well in advance of your wear date since you may want to see all the components together for your final gown fittings and beauty trials.