Demi Lovato's Drool Worthy Grammy Body Jewels!

I don't know about you guys, but we were majorly crushing on Demi Lovato's Loree Rodkin body chain peeking out from a tuxedo-inspired Norisol Ferrari gown at the 2016 Grammy Awards!

Not that we are surprised, as we have seen the body jewelry trend popping up all over on celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Jenner and Rhi Rhi - but how does a mere mortal like you and me work this into their wardrobe? Keep scrolling! We have the answer for you...

Enter Nadia Albano! Nadia is a Vancouver-based hairstylist, makeup artist and fashion consultant who is always ahead of what's new! So when she asked us to make her a body chain, we were all over it! We added some darker grey crystals and used a special 'fabric friendly' set chain to complete the look!

And her idea to wear it over clothes? Genius! No need to spend hours at the gym chiseling that six-pack or resist that second piece of Erin Ireland's It's To Die For Banana Bread (let's be real though, as if we need an excuse!)  

Our body chains are made-to-order and start at $595. To order your own custom measured body chain, visit us in-shop at Jeweliette Jewellery or send us an email for more details

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Elsa Corsi

It could be said that Elsa Corsi was destined to become a jewellery designer. Heralding from a long line of Italian shoemakers turned merchants, it was only natural that she inherit a passionate eye and skill to pursue aesthetic beauty. It was in 2006, to celebrate her own wedding that she came out with a dedicated collection of bridal jewellery. Clients were attracted to the vintage technique mastered in the collection and were thrilled to have their own piece of heirloom jewellery. Her bridal and special occasion jewellery has been sought out by the city’s top stylists and fashion editors for photo shoots and Real Brides wearing Elsa Corsi jewellery are regularly featured online and in print in Real Weddings, Weddingbelles, Grace Ormonde and Wedluxe Magazine.