Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Elsa Corsi Jewellery?

The largest selection of Elsa Corsi Jewellery is available at Jeweliette Jewellery in Vancouver, Please check our listing of retail stores and Trunk Show dates for a retailer in your area. If you are outside those areas, please contact through our retail shop Jeweliette Jewellery at and we will be delighted to help you via email and ship your order to you.


Does Elsa Make Custom Orders?

When brides send us pictures from the Internet of what they are attracted to and ask us "if we can make that" the answer is always yes we can make something "like" that but we do not and will not copy another designers work. We have our own interpretation, technique and materials that are factored into each piece of custom jewellery and are so grateful that our brides genuinely love what WE do and what we come up with for them based on our abilities and personal style!


Can I Make An Appointment to Meet With Elsa?

Elsa works in the shop on Saturdays and is available to meet with brides then. During the week, Madalena Corsi who operates Jeweliette Jewellery, is available to consult on custom orders. If you wish to make a scheduled appointment with Elsa Corsi outside her time in shop, it is $500 which can be used towards your future jewelry purchase. Our store hours are 10:30am-6pm Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays.


How long does it take to order a piece of Elsa Corsi Jewellery?

Typically, we prefer 8 weeks to produce an order. Please note that when planning your jewelry delivery, that it is 8 weeks from when you want to receive the jewelry, not 8 weeks from your wedding day. Ideally, you should have your jewelry 8-4 weeks in advance of the wear date so you may have it for any final fittings, hair and makeup trials so you can see the entire look together. That said, we do carry a small inventory of our best sellers and can accommodate special orders with any timeline under the recommended 8 weeks, however, rush fees may apply.


What is your repair policy?

Every piece of Elsa Corsi jewelry is crafted from start to finish in our Vancouver, Canada studio with the utmost care and attention. Should your piece need eventual repair for any reason, please contact us to refurbish it for you in our signature technique. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the client and a repair cost will be assessed upon viewing.