Each piece of Elsa Corsi jewellery is handmade in our studio in Vancouver, Canada with out the use of pre-fabricated findings or casted materials and as such any subtle variances are part of the inherent beauty of a hand crafted piece. To ensure you truly can enjoy your Elsa Corsi pieces for a lifetime, please observe the following care instructions:

  • DON'T use hairspray, perfume and especially self-tanner with your jewellery. The chemicals in these items can be harmful to the finish of the jewellery and lead to discoloration.
  • DON'T shower, bathe or wear the jewellery in the hot tub/swimming. Water and salt water can get trapped behind the crystal and compromise the sparkle.
  • DON'T use jewellery cleaner or silver cleaner with Elsa Corsi jewels, they contain solvents that could potentially damage the crystal and finish.
  • DO use a clean, soft cloth to remove any residue body oils after wearing and before storing,
  • DO use a soft cloth spritzed with Windex to polish the surface of the crystals.
  • DO bring your pieces back to us when in doubt as will are happy to clean it for you.
  • DO keep it in the Elsa Corsi box when not in use and when traveling so it does not get crushed by other items.